Black Geodoorn 2020 Event coin
Ended at: 277 days 3 hours 39 minutes 28 seconds ago

This auction has been sold to frankske001 & Co at 50.00 .

Have you seen this black Geodoorn 2020 geocoin already? It’s the only high gloss black GEODOORN 2020 coin. There is only one produced! You can’t buy it, you can’t win it. If you want it, attend our auction. If you win the auction you will get a certificate of proof that this is the only one ever produced, and you can be the proud owner of it!

You can place your bid from Thursday 20 june 2019 8 pm until 20 june 2020 8.20 pm. Then you know if you’re the happy owner of this unique item.

Place your bids and add this one and only black Geodoorn 2020 geocoin to your collection!