How it all started! Geodoorn 2020 Organisation

This is the story of a group of geocaching enthusiasts. A couple of us were already friends. We love weird challenges like driving through Europe in a minivan with 5 (almost) strangers, GoPro camera attached to the windshield and trying to do a geocache in every country possible in 24 hours. Watch our timelapse. It was amazing!

The next challenge: organising an event. And like we’re used to, we go bigger and better than we wanted to at first. But it has to be a party and everybody is a perfectionist to the max. A couple who was also orienting on organising a geocaching event wanted to join us. So we joined forces. One thing led to another and here we are at the beginning of our next adventure.

In our daily life one of us is an it-wizard, we also have an graphic artist, a web designer, a financial expert who happens to be an animation magician and a writer. And even if you don’t believe it, it’s true, that’s a coincidence. Together we hope to organize an unforgettable event: Geodoorn 2020

John Andriessen


Joyce Roelevink