Mountains full of adventure

Sallandse Heuvelrug

Between the Hanzeatic cities of Deventer and Zwolle at one side and de county of Twente at the other side lies a hilly ridge called ‘Sallandse heuvelrug’. The area, that’s originated in an ice age, consists of 26 hills, the river Regge and the largest contiguous dry heather area in the North-Western part of Europe. A part of this area is a National Park that includes rare flora and fauna like the nightjar and the black grouse. It’s this grand nature, but also the history of origin and the cultural history, that makes this a very special and surprising place to visit.

Taking care of this nature, keeping it and using it wisely, that balance and the experience, that’s what it’s all about. The county of Hellendoorn doesn’t only keep the nature alive for now and for the future, but also wants to keep a high quality of living for the people who inhabit and visit the area. The Sallandse Heuvelrug is all about active experience and relaxation. It’s the ultimate outdoor sports region in the Netherlands, famous for its mountainbike tracks. If you want to geocache, hike or run, bike or mountainbike or join one of the many top-class sport events, you can exert your body and clear your head. The Sallandse Heuvelrug stands for entrepeneurship and hospitality in the ‘Salland’ way. You feel welcome and you can casually join one of the many activities that are organised here. You can feel that living an informal, nice and friendly atmosphere is imbedded in the genes of its inhabitants.

Come visit the Sallandse Heuvelrug and discover this unique piece of nature!

The Regge

Get acquainted with the renewed river Regge. It’s a dynamic river that once again meanders through the region. The area surrounding the Regge is very appealing to humans, plants and animals. Enjoy the surprising silence and the mesmerizing beauty of nature. The beautiful view over the countryside and forests is very calming. Find your peace at the shores of the babbling Regge, it’s absolutely worth it.

Adventurous Nature


Adventurous nature is the tagline of the county of Hellendoorn. It’s the centre of the outside sports area of the Netherlands. Hiking, biking, various other outside sports and a lot of top class sports events, Hellendoorn is the county to be. There are also a variety of museums, hotels, restaurants and cafés and a new county centre. Together with the sincerity and hospitality of its inhabitants this makes the county of Hellendoorn like a fresh breath of air.

In the village of Nijverdal you can shop and stroll through its nice streets. Charming shops give you the feeling to be able to escape daily ordinary life. After you finish shopping, you can have a great meal in one of the many restaurants, bistro’s or cafés. They like to use locally produced products. Let yourself be pampered, just because you deserve that once in a while.

In the city centre of Hellendoorn you can feel and breathe culture. You can experience old crafts, learn about the history of producing icecream and wander through the village. You’ll feel like you’re back in the old days again. In the renewed Memory museum of War- and Peace in Nijverdal you’ll get an impression of everything that took place in this region in WWII.

As you can read above, Hellendoorn has all the ingredients to make Geodoorn 2022 an unforgettable weekend!