Find Signal the Frog during Geodoorn 2020 and score a Locationless Cache!

In 2020, we will celebrate geocaching’s future, while also commemorating its rich 20-year history. In a nod to the past, we are excited to announce that a single Locationless Cache will be available to find in 2020. The cache will be owned by Geocaching HQ.

Though Locationless Caches are no longer active on, we think it will be a lot of fun to celebrate their place in geocaching history for one year only with just one cache: Find Signal the Frog® – Locationless in 2020 (GC8FR0G). Geocachers can log the cache by finding and taking a photo with either the official full-size Signal the Frog® mascot or the official 2020 Signal the Frog® banner. Both versions of Signal the Frog® will attend Geodoorn 2020.

In order to log a find on the Locationless Cache, you must find Signal the Frog® in-person during Geodoorn 2020 and include a photo of you or a personal item with Signal in your online log.